Figure Drawing Sessions

Next Session - Sunday November 22nd 2015
"Art can never exist without naked beauty displayed." - William Blake


The sessions are held twice a month, click here for schedule dates - Upcoming Dates. Unless posted otherwise, it is usually the second and fourth Sundays of the month. The 2nd Sunday is nude figure drawing and means you must be 18 years or older to attend. The 4th Sundays are costumed poses.

There is no instruction. Please bring your own art materials. There is a single easel for use, first come first serve. No smelly mediums, clean up your messes. If necessary, bring a small tarp or drop cloth.

pose breakdown

The pose lengths are subject to attendance and input. If there are a lot of painters, poses will be extended or if the patrons so desire.

Here is the default outline for poses. We start the sessions with ten minutes of 1 minute poses to get warm. This is followed by five 3 minutes poses and four 5 minutes poses. Next is three 10 minutes poses and then two twenty poses. Finally there is a thirty minute pose with a short break in middle for the model.
1 min. x 10
3 min. x 5
5 min. x 4
10 min. x 4
20 min. x 3