Figure Drawing Sessions

Next Session - Sunday November 22nd 2015
"Art can never exist without naked beauty displayed." - William Blake

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PERSPECTIVE Figure Drawing is a series of life drawing sessions aimed at capturing the time honored tradition of drawing the human figure. PERSPECTIVE combines the classical sentiments of figure drawing with the demands of the today's artist and the look of the modern model.

PERSPECTIVE Figure Drawing seeks to accomplish three (3) things:

  1. To provide a safe social space for artists of ALL SKILL LEVELS to hone and share their craft. 
  2. To provide a viable source of income for professional and would-be models through a higher-than-standard hourly rate. 
  3. To be a resource to the community through connecting models with artists as well as artists with each other. 

Who These Sessions Are For:

PERSPECTIVE figure drawing sessions are for artists at ANY skill level. From beginners to pros, no matter the style, anyone will naturally build their artistic skills through continually drawing the human figure.

What You Need:

  • B.Y.O.A. – Bring your own art supplies & easels 
  • First To Come, First Serve Seating – Bring a large pillow in case you need to get comfy on the floor.

The Models:

  • Nude and/or Costumed Models (depending on session) 
  • Past sessions have included: multiple models, cosplay, shibari bondage, zombies, dia de los muertos, motorcyclist w/motorcycle, professional circus pole performer, etc. 
Figure modeling isn’t just a job. It’s an art in of itself. PERSPECTIVE encourages models of all looks and experience to bring their own unique personality and artistry to their poses.

Interested in modeling for PERSPECTIVE? Send an email to

The Model Fees:

Because figure modeling can be very physically and creatively demanding, we want models to earn a suitable rate for posing. We ask a model fee in order for attending artists to help support the unique craft the models create.
  • 10.00 Per Artist or 9.00 Online** 

The Poses (Unless Otherwise Stated or Negotiated):

  • Sketch Stretch 
    • 1 Minute x 10* 
    • 10 Minute x 2* 
  • Medium Poses
    • 20 Minute x 3* 
  • Long Pose
    • 1 Hour (20 Minute Increments) 
  • Breaks (Sharing and Announcements) 

The Photography Fees

  • Paid directly to model before session or at breaks (prior to photo) 
  • $10 for a single reference photo*** 
  • $20 for session photos*** 
We want artists to be able to take reference photos if necessary but, by no means, is it to be a photography session. Artists (who have paid the model the photography fees) will be encouraged to take photos from their initial “seating” vantage point (i.e., just don’t circle the room).

The Conduct

Because artists will work from live models, it is expected that attendees understand that they will be drawing from both clothed and nude subjects (depending on the session) under ideal circumstances. Anyone attending these sessions will realize there is a level of "maturity" expected and required by the host and venue. At all times we will respect each other and our human subjects. Any attendees deviating from acceptable professional behavior will be asked to leave. If you have any questions with regard to the definition of maturity, respect, professionalism, or human subjects, in a figure drawing session – please send an email to

If you have any questions or concerns regarding PERSPECTIVE Figure Drawing sessions, please send an email to .

Looking forward to drawing with you soon,
Konstant Be

* Most poses are followed by a break

** Suggested Donation

*** Photography fees and availability is ultimately up to the model