Figure Drawing Sessions

Next Session - Sunday November 22nd 2015
"Art can never exist without naked beauty displayed." - William Blake


Yesterday's Meet

So, I meet with two new potential models yesterday.

The first was Lee. Lee is a 48 year old man who loves to play piano and who has been in San Diego as long as I've been alive. He told me he'd done some modeling work in LA for drawing groups in the past. He seemed interested in getting back to posing.

The second model is Eliza. Eliza is an intensely trained & talented pole dancer. On a whim, I sent an email to local pole dance instruction schools looking for info as well as any interested parties. I wasn't even sure if holding a pose on a pole was possible. But, Eliza was the contact I got back eager and interested in helping out my program.

She and her boyfriend, Cary (great name, like the great actor), came by and we chatted for...probably an hour. It was good times. I was happy to find that she has her own pole equipment which stands alone with a little platform. Eliza views the program as a new challenge to take on and test her skills. She has an awesome personality with talent to match. They showed me a couple pictures of Eliza in action. You know that yoga-ish pose where the person is on their stomach and reaches back and grabs their ankles, bowing their body? Well, Eliza was doing that in the air with just the pole between arm and side to suspend her. She's also an abstract painter and Cary is photographer. Art begets art.

I have good feelings about the pair and I'm stoked on being able to present something in a life drawing program that I've personally never seen before.


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