Figure Drawing Sessions

Next Session - Sunday November 22nd 2015
"Art can never exist without naked beauty displayed." - William Blake


No Session Tomorrow

Unfortunately, there is no session tomorrow. The studio is in the process of getting painted. So, there will be no nude session this month.

So, I'm going to have a session next Saturday (Sept. 11th) at Bluefoot Bar & Lounge in North Park [3404 30th St] at 3pm to 6pm.

The model for this session is Bree. She is a fine art figure model with pink hair and a dedication to the arts. And she is as artistic as they come. From airbrushing, to painting, to modeling, she does it all. For this special event, Bree will be dressed as a cat girl complete with tiger stripes. Meow.

If you all dig this session, maybe I'll have regular costumed sessions here. Doesn't hurt to drink great beer and draw great models.

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