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Next Session - Sunday November 22nd 2015
"Art can never exist without naked beauty displayed." - William Blake


December 19th Costumed Session with Kerry

So we're having one more costumed session this coming Sunday before the year's done.

The beautiful Kerry will be gracing Perspective for a life drawing session with her personal costumed creation. Kerry is a local art model who some of you might have drawn before around town. What you can expect from Kerry is experience and professionalism as an art model who enjoys putting together her own costumes.

She will be wearing a medieval peasant costume that has a ruffled white off the shoulder top with green skirt. Her... hair will be done in that style as well.

And...a costumed session means I can serve drinks :)

Model: Kerry Herbert
Height 5'9" weight 135lbs.
Over 3 years experience in college, fine art school, artist groups, and private artist settings

Model Fee - Minimum $5 with RSVP, $6 for walk-ins

Location - Planet Rooth Design Haus, 3334 Fifth Avenue

Time - 3pm to 6pm

Poses - It's the last session of the year so...let's do long poses. 20 minutes of gestures, 2 x 20 minute poses, a 40 minute pose, an 1 hour pose. This is a great session to paint.

Parking - Free on the street Sundays, and you can park in the lot just North of the studio.

To those with time conflicts, feel free to come in at anytime even if it's later in the session.


Draw with you soon,
Konstant <|3

PS - PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD, and tell any artists (or potential artists) who may be interested. Any help is appreciated, I put on these sessions all by myself for the San Diego art community.

RSVP on Facebook
RSVP through Meetup
or just email me :)

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