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"Art can never exist without naked beauty displayed." - William Blake


January 9th 2011 - Call It Out with Sherman

Happy New Year everyone!

The first drawing session of 2011 is coming up soon. This session will be Sherman who filled on a nude session with Zara in November of last year.

I'm going to try something a little different with this session.

Instead of attending artists being such spectators, I want us to be able to interact and have some say in the poses. How do I accomplish that? Simple.

Before each pose, any one of you wonderful artists will call out an emotion or scenario for the model to act out. So, some calls at "Anger!" and the model must strike a pose that equates that emotion. Fun times? I think so. :)


Model - Sherman

Type - Nude

Model Fee - $5 with RSVP

Poses Lengths - Ten 1 minute, Two 10 minute, Three 20 minute, 60 minute pose

Time - 3pm to  6pm

Location -
Planet Rooth Design Haus
3334 Fifth Avenue
San Diego, CA

Parking - Free on the street Sundays, and you can park in the lot just North of the studio.

First come, first serve seating.


Draw with you soon,
Konstant <|3

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