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Next Session - Sunday November 22nd 2015
"Art can never exist without naked beauty displayed." - William Blake


Sunday with Shealyn and Kassandra

Today was quite the lovely Sunday. It reminded me of why I love my hometown. I was also reminded of why I love being an artist as I meet with two lovely models today.

The first model was Shealyn. Coincidentally, we arrived at the studio at the same time. I "had" to make a run to In-n-Out for a 3x3 and fries. I thought I'd be late but we met right outside as we both parked our cars. I recognized her right off the bat from her pictures online. As you can see from the picture, she is cute as a button, whatever that means.

She is sweetheart who was a pleasure to speak with. We did the quick Q & A and the conversation soon turned to talk of potential costumes. I asked her about Halloween and she mentioned her fiancee is a special fx artists and she would be willing to dress up as *drum roll* a zombie. Yes, one of my aspirations for this program is fulfilled. I have her scheduled her for October 24th and am waiting with bated breath for living dead posing goodness. Though I may have her come in and pose before then.

Kassandra came to meet me all the way from Ocean Beach where she is a massage therapist. She is also an experienced art model with a great vibe and cool ink on her arm. We talked about OB, and about how she's planning to go to Burning Man um, oh yeah and about Perspective. Kassandra models both nude and costumed. She told me she likes to create outfits; that's always fun to hear. She said she's working on a samurai outfit for another project that she may model for Perspective in October. :) You can expect to see her posing before that in August.

Zombies and samurais (would prefer shinobis). A wonderful Sunday indeed.


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